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Friday, 03 November 2017 14:05

Velux Upgrade

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We have just completed an upgrade of three poorly installed Velux windows. The customer has a kitchen extension with three M08 pine Velux windows which have been incorrectly installed and have been leaking. We have upgraded the windows to the next generation MK08 which are white painted pine.

As you can see from the pictures below they change the whole look of the kitchen bringing in the light and lifting the roof with the white colour on the windows. They have been installed correctly and will last for years to come.

If your in need of an upgrade then give us a call free on 0800 368 7647 and speak to one of our specialists.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:21

Why Choose Dakea?

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Dakea has a longer guarantee, more features and benefits and a lower price than any other brand on the market.​

Why Dakea?

Next 20 Guarantee

20 years homeowner to homeowner transferable guarantee. Add value to your home when you resell or rent it on top of the peace of mind you get.

Titan Glass

Titan glass glazing unit is the new standard on the roof window market. Its innovative and unique composition offers home owners convenience and superb energy performance.

Max Protect

We know that making a hole in a roof is something that has to be 100% secured. Severe weather can affect the structural integrity of the house and by choosing the right window you can help reduce the risk of major damage.

Master Wood

We guarantee that all our wood is certified, rigorously selected, Arctic Nordic Pine, which is known for excellent density and increased durability due to very harsh weather conditions of the region.

Quick Install

Underfelt foil collar reduces significantly the amount of time required for roof window installation.

Monday, 25 September 2017 11:54

Roof Windows Add Flexibility To Bathroom Design

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When choosing the location of a bathroom, designers are often limited by a need for light and ventilation. After all, without ventilation and natural light, a bathroom loses all its lustre and luxury. This means bathrooms are often placed on the perimeter of the house.

That's where a Velux or a Dakea skylight can help. A skylight can flood any room with natural light, and from just about anywhere in the house. Skylights can provide much more light for the same glass area (some studies suggest it could be as much as 2-3 times what normal vertical or dormer windows can provide).

Ventilation is also improved by the use of opening models. Skylights are optimally placed to take advantage of the natural phenomena of heat rising: the steam from a bath or shower rises to the ceiling, then out through the skylight. This in turn draws fresh, drier air into the bathroom.

Not only can location be freed up, but the bathroom also gains an extra wall. Without being forced to waste a wall on a window, homeowners have space to put extra luxury items they wanted but couldn't fit — be it a spa, bath, his/her vanities, or even extra storage.

It also means relatively small bathrooms have the space to fit all the basics. As an added benefit, there is no longer a need to be concerned over privacy being compromised by vertical windows.

For the freedom to put a bathroom anywhere within a home, and an option to gain more valuable wall space, contact Rachael in the office on 0800 368 7647.

Friday, 15 September 2017 10:16

Planning For A New Roof Window

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Before buying a roof window you should consider the house interior and exterior design, ergonomics and how to get the most light from your windows. What to consider to maximise light from your roof window:

  • The size of the roof window
  • The number of roof windows
  • The position of the roof window
  • The shape of the internal lining

Same window area = More daylight

Bigger windows of course admits more daylight, but it is also worth considering more smaller windows as a better overall effect can be achieved (see pictures).

Using one roof window would allow daylight to light approximately 46% of this room.

Using two roof windows with a combined total surface area of the previous window would allow daylight to illuminate approximately 48% of this room.

Four roof windows with the same combined total surface area distributed more evenly would allow daylight to illuminate approximately 65% of this room!

Correct lining for maximum light

You can also admit more light into the room by using the correct lining. If the lining is vertical below the window, and horizontal above the window, you allow more light to enter the room.

Correct lining for free circulation

Correctly splayed reveals allow more light to enter the room.

If incorrectly splayed, warm air is trapped and may cause condensation. When correctly splayed, warm air circulates freely around the room.

Fitting roof windows to rafters

Before deciding on a particular size of window, the structural integrity of the roof should be considered fully. Most roofs can be adapted to take roof windows but some engineered trusses should not be cut without a proven solution. If you have any doubts which beam to cut, we recommend seeking professional advice before commencing work.

Outlook of the house

In addition to internal light and design, you should also consider what visual impact the roof windows will have on the outside of your house. Please consider the roof windows' position in relation to existing windows in the house. Then try to balance the need for internal light with the external architecture. By doing this your roof windows will look elegant from the outside and perform according to your needs on the inside.

Steeper Pitch: Longer Window

A roof window should always be placed at the correct height and be of the right size to suit your specific needs.

Choosing the correct window size has to do with the roof pitch on your house. If you have a low roof pitch you need a larger roof window height to have the same view as in a house with a steeper roof pitch. A general rule is therefore that "the lower the pitch of the roof, the higher the roof window".

In addition to the size of the roof window you should also consider in which height to install the roof window. It is important that most occupants in the house have a clear view out the window.

There is no one single "correct" window size or window placement. The window should always be placed for the convenience and functionality of the users, and this can vary according to the conditions.

For the same view, a shallow pitch roof requires a taller window than a roof with a steeper pitch.

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